What are patient prices?

GEOVITAL does a lot of things differently...

If you have a geobiological measurement protocol of a home and bedroom assessment made by a certified geobiologist of the Geovital - Academy, you will be listed in our system as a "patient".

Patient means that you may state what aches and pains you have been carrying around for years. You can recall this later, after successful rehabilitation, and assess for yourself what has improved and what has not.

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Multiple images showing a bedroom assessment by a Geovital geobiologist

What are the benefits of a bedroom assessment?

  1. You will get a reasonable evaluation of your living and sleeping situation through the home and bedroom assessment. Nothing is worse than not knowing WHERE your problem is, WHAT exactly it is and HOW to solve it... This is the basis of any rehabilitation! 
  2. You will be involved in the measurement yourself and get a feel for your living situation.
  3. The geobiologist now creates a plan for you what exactly to do and how exactly to proceed.
    The execution is up to you.
  4. GEOVITAL helps you to get the best conditions
    Why do we do this? So that the costs stay within limits and you can implement your solutions. Because only by implementing and solving your problem, you will get further in health....

Helpful for a purposeful rehabilitation is a sleeping place assessment and documentation.

For GEOVITAL, the focus is on reasonable, goal-oriented solutions and the satisfaction of our clients.

If you say afterwards: "That was the best idea in recent years..." - then we are satisfied too! 🙂

With the issuance of the measurement protocol you will receive from your geobiologist a personal patient number, which you enter here in the store.

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