TEM measuring bell according to ASTM D- 4935 for high frequency measurements

TEM measuring bell for vector network analysers

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Codice prodotto: TEM-Messglocke

After our own extensive research, as we needed one ourselves, we came to the sobering conclusion that a TEM measuring bell for material tests is not available for purchase anywhere in the world. Thus, according to the specifications of the Bundeswehr University Munich (D) measuring device used by Prof. Pauli, technical CAD drawings were made in order to commission an exact copy of the measuring bell in use there according to ASTM D- 4935 in a special company for laboratory diagnostics.
The positive result after 6 months of work is more than amazing and justifies the high effort.
For all those who are also looking for a TEM measuring bell for material tests to determine shielding effectiveness in dB, we can now offer it here.

TEM measuring bell for determination of shielding effectiveness in dB during material test

  • coaxial measuring bell according to ASTM D- 4935 / ASTM-D-3935-99
  • consists of two identical coaxial halves
  • Template University measuring bell by Wandel & Goltermann
  • for connection to vector network analysers (e.g. Rhode & Schwarz or Keysight)

Measuring method / measuring range

  • Measuring range 20 KHz - 8 GHz
  • Measurement in all polarisation directions!
  • perfect rotational symmetry
  • moding-free up to approx. 4.5 GHz!
  • Test and measurement report by Prof. Pauli


  • N connection (TNC connection possible on request)

Delivery time 4-5 weeks

Not included in the scope of delivery: Cables and measuring devices

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